Hello i'm Wishcandy! I’m an artist enamoured by retro culture, street fashion, kitsch, beauty, and the grotesque.
For commission information you can contact me at wishcandyyy at gmail dot com ♥ Or find prints here.

allyjaynefox said: LOVE love love your blog and illustrations. Really wish i had a unique style like yours

Aw, thank you! ♡ The best way to develop style is to keep experimenting with materials. Find artists (both contemporary and in the past) that you like. Figure out why you like their art, and try to implement that into your art. It’s important to look at old artists too so your art doesn’t look exactly like everyone’s.

Plus i like to think about style as more of a way of describing things. It’s your own personal language. It’s less about making sure your art looks exactly the same over and over again.

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  1. hkang0901 said: I could never wish because I would never match ur talent :) its so awesome only wishcandy can do it <3
  2. foxfoxwolf said: Good point, to figure out WHY you like the artist. Never thought of taking inspiration that way, just the fact that what I liked, I liked. Fantastic advice from a fantastic artist :)
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