Hello i'm Wishcandy! I’m an artist enamoured by retro culture, street fashion, kitsch, beauty, and the grotesque.
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Thanks to a close friend, who knows my taste so well, i’m addicted to Little Paris Kitchen and Rachel Khoo. Simple french food with a twist, prepared by a cute retro beauty!

I’d adore anyone who would send me a copy of her LPK cookbook, as it’s only currently printed in the UK. Boo.

Go have a watch!

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    She’s utterly adorable.
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    I spent 4 years in London trying to cook English food, and here you have my opposite, an English girl living in Paris...
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  8. nomoney-butwegotrain said: The Croque Madame muffins are amazing
  9. tranquillitas-sereno said: You should watch episodes of Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen, then. The man mixes science with simplistic foods, and it’s just incredible what he does sometimes.
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