Hello i'm Wishcandy! I’m an artist enamoured by retro culture, street fashion, kitsch, beauty, and the grotesque.
For commission information you can contact me at wishcandyyy at gmail dot com ♥ Or find prints here.

The Wishcandy shop has officially (and permanantly) moved to Big Cartel! Way more pros than cons. I love the Etsy community, but it’s time I wave goodbye and enter the next chapter. With room to grow

This is also good news for you. Lots of prints are on sale! Some are low in stock and soon to be discontinued. Grab them up before they’re gone for good.

There will be sticker packs and other good things coming to you this week. Let’s get off to a good start, shall we? Put some music on and dance to it because we can beat the Monday blues!

Did you notice “The static in front of your dreams" is now available? Only a few in the first run, first come first serve. <3 

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