Hello i'm Wishcandy! I’m an artist enamoured by retro culture, street fashion, kitsch, beauty, and the grotesque.
For commission information you can contact me at wishcandyyy at gmail dot com ♥ Or find prints here.

I want to keep having affordable options for you ladies n’ gents. Would you like me to make some 5x7 prints of the 9x12s i offer?

Image examples: Wounded & Comfort Queen


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  1. elle-emeno-pee said: yes is the only answer choice… and yes is the best answer choice<:
  2. oh-darlingdarling said: hell freaking yeah!
  3. hauntedtableinthecorner said: 5x7 just seems like a nicer size that id keep around
  4. noribear90 said: yas!
  5. sandorandthehounds said: That would be perfect :D
  6. nickelfl0wers said: yes!
  7. muggyspeed said: Yesssssssss :3
  8. wishcandy posted this