Hello i'm Wishcandy! I’m an artist enamoured by retro culture, street fashion, kitsch, beauty, and the grotesque.
For commission information you can contact me at wishcandyyy at gmail dot com ♥ Or find prints here.

Two things:

1. I’m going to be re-structuring my non-tumblr blog pretty soooon. I’ll be incorporating art history, things i’m inspired by (film, fashion, books), and some sassy words of wisdom. Be on the lookout for a re-grand opening! Follow it if you never want to miss a painting.

2. I’ll be ordering new prints this weekend! If there is any print you’d like specifically, let me know! Okay?

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  1. thenightborn answered: Wish you were here
  2. sandorandthehounds answered: I hope you’re ordering some “Oh Babe” prints, I was waiting for it to come back in stock before I order :D
  3. thestray answered: sassy words of wisdom
  4. judyjetsons answered: Can’t eait for your new blog! Th addition of things you are inspired by sounds like a dream C:
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