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What’s your favorite dessert?

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tThis was posted 2 years ago
  1. punk-as-puck answered: anything chocolate, or cheesecake, or minty and chocolatey (mint chocolate chip ice cream!)
  2. billieandbess answered: dame blanche : vanilla ice cream with chocolate :)
  3. lefty-in-the-sky-with-diamonds answered: red velvet cheesecake!!!
  4. nkoiq answered: Macaroons!
  5. elle-emeno-pee answered: fresh fruit! (mm pineapple, mango, berries, plums, peaches!) currently into flan, snickerdoodles, & blue velvet cake!<-check this out, girl!
  6. purple-leprechauns-eating-toast answered: Devils Food Cupcakes!
  7. bjornofosaka answered: cheesecaake
  8. nappyhappy answered: Banoffee pie with proper chunky banana, and a dollop of marmalade and whipped cream on top!
  9. caitlinmarieshearer answered: sticky date pudding
  10. britdaycake answered: red velvet!
  11. withsmt answered: ice cream sandwiches
  12. stormbalina answered: pineapple upside down cake
  13. sexytown answered: Key Lime pie
  14. loveandasandwich answered: ginger ice cream. or cannolis.
  15. rueination1020 answered: creme brulee
  16. sloppyvirginloser answered: creme brulee
  17. eclecticeelblog answered: cheeeeesecake
  18. stripeddoll answered: Fruit Tarts or Crème brûlée
  19. berlinjohnson answered: all the desserts. ALL OF THEM.
  20. worthdreamingof answered: cheesecake. :D
  21. rocilanda answered: LEMON PIE
  22. thereallisaching answered: key lime pie
  23. cinnastar answered: Ice Cream
  24. scar-y answered: cheesecake! :3
  25. scarycute95 answered: Sunrise cacao chocolate chips
  26. carocake said: but also marzipan
  27. carocake answered: ICE CREAM
  28. hotautumn answered: mint and chocolate ice cream
  29. samojohreblag answered: tiramisu, definitely
  30. shamalam answered: for eating: brownie sundae. for you drawing: strawberry shortcake with whipped cream.
  31. moonhubris answered: lava cake
  32. earthshinefairy answered: raspberries coated with hardening vegan chocolate sauce
  33. istherelifeonstars answered: Oreo’s n’ Milk
  34. allmycontemplations answered: Coffee ice cream, or grapes lol
  35. giddy-stratospheres answered: tiramisu nomnomnom
  36. tayonnaise answered: pumpkin pieee
  37. juicy-b-ham said: Lemon meringue pie or lemon cheesecake
  38. glucosegirl answered: Salted chocolate caramel
  39. yippywhippy answered: creme caramel!
  40. bookspinesareforbending answered: Pulut Hitam
  41. mangarin answered: The Sahara Desert… oh waaaaaaait youy said dessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssert!
  42. bracklain answered: strawberry shortcake!!
  43. judyjetsons answered: ice cream *_______*
  44. shelbyisace answered: tiramisu~
  45. skeleton-kisser answered: Lava cake. <3
  46. deanzdoodlez said: Chocolate Fudge Brownies
  47. butwewerespooky answered: amaretto cake. or tres leches cake. or banana splits.
  48. blvcklightprincess answered: cheesecake duhhhhhhhh BUT i refuse to eat it anymore because that’s the only food i eat and see results in less than 24 hours.
  49. boundunbound answered: baklava and sticky date pudding