Hello i'm Wishcandy! I’m an artist enamoured by retro culture, street fashion, kitsch, beauty, and the grotesque.
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I’ve been living in California for almost a year now. No family, very little possessions! Only knew one girl from the internet. Just about everyone i’ve met has been really sweet (and my friends here are so talented). I feel so lucky to have landed where/ when i did. (Loads of people back home thought i’d be back in 6 months or less!)

Thank you ladies & gents for continuously helping my dreams come true! 

What should i do for my one year california anniversary/ two year tumblrversary?

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  1. pizzaperfectnails answered: have a real human party. do you live near oakland?
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  3. ahhmmmburr answered: D’AWWWWW!!!!
  4. duncechronicles said: You should go to Big Sur!
  5. floradreams said: disneyland!
  6. disapppointment answered: drink mimosas by some water in the sun. get ice cream and make a daisy chain crown.
  7. mynameisbrettonwoods answered: marry me
  8. mamamuerte answered: salvation mountain!
  9. terrifying-strange-beautiful answered: awwww I live in california!
  10. idea-obscura answered: ah, if you’re in so cal, holla :)
  11. zamaranthine said: As for your California anniversary, go to a nice restaurant with friends, or a tattoo if you’re feeling adventurous. ;>